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Hey, I'm thinking about going to Queen's for polisci and was wondering what other people are also thinking about going into that program and why. thanks
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My advice is to take POLS 110, as well as a variety of other survey classes so that you keep your options open, and then see how you feel next April. You really don't have to decide your major until then, because at Queen's you just get accepted into Arts and Sciences and don't declare your major until second year. A lot of people have a strong idea of the major they want all through high school, but then once they get here they completely change their mind or find something new.

People do political studies for a wide variety of reasons and the program has all types ranging from hardcore conservatives to those who are active in the Occupy Movement.. you should form your own reasons and passions for studying politics, and if you find that if don't have any reasons as to why you should study it, then it's probably not the program for you. Best of luck.
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