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Queen's PSE!

A photo of TheGirlSmiles TheGirlSmiles
Any other Queen's applicants freaking out about this as much as I am?
.. So I emailed Queen's admissions asking whether the PSE really mattered if I had a higher average than what was required, she replied with, "the PSE is a very important part of the admission process, I would highly recommend you take the time to edit and look it over before you submit" which scared me a bit more.
I don't have a problem with the awards, jobs, extracurricular activities or volunteer because I have a ton of stuff to list on there. What worries me is the 300 word essay on "What are your goals for your time at Queen's?" I have absolutely nothing to write.
I also need a "referee" (someone the university can call who will be able to confirm that you were, in fact, part of the clubs/programs you stated on your PSE.

Whether it be from Queen's students, anyone who got accepted into Queen's previously, anyone applying to Queen's as well or just any high school students who have any suggestions on any of the above questions.
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A photo of ariadne89 ariadne89
You're definitely over-thinking it. I pretty much b***s****d on my PSE. Wrote the whole thing in about an hour, read it over to edit for grammar and typos, submitted it and slept great until my acceptance came. Like you, my high school marks were significantly above the required average, so I really wasn't worried.

My feeling about the PSE is that the specifics of what you say are really, really not that important. It's just a very, very generalized essay that is trying to assess that you are:
a) a well rounded person who has an interest in something, anything outside of school, or can contribute to the wider community in some way
b) able to articulate some kind of goal for the future (specifics of that goal don't matter, just matters that you articulate some sort of interest in future achievement)
c) able to write in at least a semi-coherent manner

So really, stop stressing about. It doesn't matter whether your goal is to learn more about underwater basketweaving, write a one-act play or cure cancer, the main point iswhether or not you can articulate that yes, you would like to do something with your future and serve the community or the world of higher learning in some way.

An additional word to the wise: when you do get to university, or in general if you are applying to jobs or schools, NEVER EVER email a prof, school or potential employer and ask whether or not something "really matters" on your application/assignment. This makes you looks horrible. Basically it demonstrates that you are the kind of person who is only interested in doing the bare minimum required and suggests a poor attitude in general. Good luck!
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A photo of JessieB2012 JessieB2012
For the PSE essay its really short and basically if you held all the extracirriculars because you liked them you can say that you plan on being a good addition to queens because of the great new things you ll bring to the table
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A photo of HistoryNut HistoryNut
Ok, when I wrote my PSE last year I wrote about how my past experiences had made me into who I am today. I listed a couple of important events in my life, talked about my interests and I explained what and why I wanted to study at Queen's and a couple of organizations I was interested in joining. Its a short piece of writing, 300 words if I remember, just make sure everything is grammatically correct and try to promote yourself. Also, make it fun to read, the people reading them have to go through several thousand of them so if it pops out you will score higher. Hope that helped and good luck :)

PS. What are you looking to major/minor in?
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A photo of TheGirlSmiles TheGirlSmiles
Was thinking of majoring in English with a minor in psychology, but I've been hearing Psych's pretty hard.
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A photo of niklo90 niklo90
They changed the format of PSYCH this year. My friends who retook PSYCH100 say it is much easier now.

Back to the PSE,
When I wrote it two years ago, I wrote how my past experiences in work and volunteering would be a positive addition to the Queen's Community. Don't stress about the PSE if you have competitive grades.
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