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Queen's Res and Roomates

A photo of JDK JDK
I'm attending Queen's next year and really want to have a roomate. Everyone I know going already has one sicne I was only recently accepted via the waitlist. Is it risky rooming with someone random? or should I stick with a single room?
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I ranked my choices 1)single (shared bathroom)
2) Single
3) Double
4) Engineering Floor

however If you really want a roommate go for it i heard it gives you a good chance of getting into victoria hall which is from whay i've heard the best rez for parties and generally meeting people. I just ranked single fist because im about 6'5"-6'6" and need the long bed
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A photo of ktel ktel
There's no way everyone going to Queens has a roommate, I'm sure random pair-ups are common and for the most part work out fine.
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A photo of samwise575 samwise575
Do you even get res? You got accepted off of the waitlist after the due date for the residence deposit.
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