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Queen's Residence + Requesting Friends

A photo of Yatesb Yatesb
I know there are multiple posts regarding whether to room with a high school friend or not and I have read them. I am undecided whether i should room with my buddy or not, and have been thinking:

Can you request a friend to be on the same floor as you? Instead of requesting the same room? I feel that would be better suited as we can still easily hang out.
This is for Queen's especially.
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A photo of Ba Ba Blue Ba Ba Blue
Just request the same buildings as your friend. Honestly, even if you don't end up on the same floor it'll only be a short elevator ride to get to them (even in Vic Hall). Hang outs are super easy.
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A photo of Yatesb Yatesb
Alright thanks, now I know how to approach that situation.

To anyone else... on a scale of 1-10 (1 being horrible and 10 being amazing) how would you rate having a high school buddy as a roommate?
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A photo of QueensCommerceTyler QueensCommerceTyler
Firstly, unless something has changed from last year, you cannot request a specific building. You can request room types that may only be available in certain buildings, but you can't pick your residence.

As for your question, it definitely depends on how close you are to your friend and your habits. I roomed with one of my friends from high school and we didn't have any issues. It is important to consider wen you both like to go to sleep and wake up, how much you each (dis)like partying, if either of you will want to study at residence, etc.

If you are similar on a lot of these issues, the situation should be fine. I know many sets of friends who roomed together and had a great time. You just want to be sure that its someone who you won't get sick of.

I you decide not to room with your friend in first-year, you can always get a house with them for second, third, and fourth year.
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A photo of Yatesb Yatesb
Alright thanks for the replies and ideas everyone!
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