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Queens Residence

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what is the best residence hall for queens in terms of social life, kids, accessibility, and just general lifestyle overall. Also, i know that for mcgill you live in res for your first year then move out. Can you live in res for 4 years in queens???
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A photo of QueensHSL2011 QueensHSL2011

Queen's works pretty much the same way, 90% of first year students live in res and then move out in second. The ones that stay in upper-years are those that work as dons (people that watch over the floor) in exchange for free room & board.

There really isn't a best res, since you don't get to choose your building explicitly. Instead, you rank your preference of types of rooms (single, double).

Vic Hall is the biggest res (about 800 students) and has the reputation of being the party res and it's also very centrally located. That being said, it completely depends on who ends up living on your floor (Vic is also home to the 23 hrs of silence floor). I ended up on West Campus (definitely NOT considered the best res) and I had a very social floor. Bottom line is that you don't really get a choice, so try not to have your heart set on one building (I think there are 12 different ones) and be stoked for whatever you get!

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