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Queen's Schedule for a Science Student, Please Help :)

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I'm pretty new at picking out my schedule, and I don't have too much knowledge on how difficult certain courses will be, so it'd be really great if someone who has gone to Queen's for science can look at it and tell me if it's fine, or if there's something I should modify. Thanks in advance :cheers:

8:30-9:30--Phil 153 (I'm hoping that it's a bird course, can someone please confirm this?)
9:30-10:30--Chem 112A
1:30-2:30--Math 122

10:30-11:30--Phil 153
11:30-12:30--Phys 107
12:30-1:30--Biol 102
2:30-3:00--Bio Lab/ Tutorials

8:30-9:30--Chem 112A
12:30-1:30--Math 122
1:30-2:30--Phys 107
2:30-5:30--Phys Lab/ Tutorials

9:30-10:30--Phil 153
10:30-11:30--Chem 112A
11:30-12:30--Biol 102
4:30-5:30--Math 122 Tutorials

8:30-11:30--Chem 112A Lab/Tutorials
11:30-12:30--Math 122
12:30-1:30--Phys 107
1:30-2:30--Biol 102

Do you think this is workable with keeping up a social life? By the ways, if anyone knows, what do you do in a three hour lab? Is there one every week?
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