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Queen's Science/ConEd First year schedule

A photo of StellaK StellaK
Was wondering if anyone knew how this program is structured first year.
For example, what courses and number of electives
If you can also add a sample timetable that would be amazing!
Please be detailed as possible (ex. exact course names)
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A photo of Ba Ba Blue Ba Ba Blue
Hey Stella!

First off I'm not personally at Queen's so I don't know the arts and science course titles, but I am enrolled in the Queen's con.ed program at Trent (so most things are EXACTLY the same for me).

To be frank, your schedule will be very open first year. You will have only 1 class you must take during first year for your B.Sc component, that being first year psychology. Now I know on the program requirements it always says "a full credit of introductory psych or half a credit of developmental psych" but at Trent we have to take intro psych to do developmental so the 2nd requirement doesn't apply to me - it may be feasible for Queen's students though - I'm not sure. The remaining 4 classes will be yours to choose to go towards your B.Sc. In the spirit of keeping your options open, I highly recommend taking first year courses for at least 2 teachable subjects according to the list found at http://www.queensu.ca/calendars/education/pg127.html, although you don't need to know you know 100% without a doubt you want to teach PJ.

From an education perspective, you will have to take PROF 110, PROF 115 and PRAC 111 on top of your 5 other credits (meaning psychology + 4 others). PROF 110 is introduction to teaching, PROF 115 is introduction to curriculum and PRAC 111 is your first year "experiences in schools" placement. The PROF courses are VERY easy (true of both Queen's-Trent and just Queen's), so don't even worry about being on "course overload". PRAC 111 will be done in May for Queen's students and on reading breaks if you're going to Queen's-Trent. It's a 10 day placement and is A LOT of fun (depending on your host teacher, of course).

Many students while doing PRAC 111 learn that the teaching division they had in mind isn't really what they wanted once they've experienced it from a teacher's perspective. That's why I recommend that even if you are going into PJ, you take a look at the IS requirements to make sure you're covered should you decide to opt into IS.

I have only told you what I know for sure about Queen's con.ed. Perhaps someone else can give you a more detailed account of how the scheduling works at Queen's and such.

Regardless, you'll have a blast in first year! Take advantage of every opportunity presented to you and be excited for becoming a teacher!
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A photo of Madss Madss
You don't have to do psych 100 first year. you can do it second year , third year, fourth...

You have to take prof 110 and 115 and youll do prac 111 (con-ed classes)

you have to take 4 sciences and you should look that up what you need
i think physics, calc, chem, and bio and then 1 elective (most choose psych but some do psych in 2nd or 3rd year too!)

make sure u have 2 teachables if u wanna do is! call the con-ed office!
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