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A photo of jaymeshaughnessy jaymeshaughnessy
Congratulations on your acceptance :)

I was wondering if anyone you know or yourself, has repeated a pre-req course, such as advanced functions.

If you did, have you been accepted to the life science program yet or any other program?

Although they say the highest mark is taken in calculating the top 6 average, do you think retaking a pre-req course has a big impact on acceptance rates??

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A photo of CK26 CK26
Hi jaymeshaughnessy,

I got accepted by Queen's Science about a month ago and I did repeat a course, which happened to be Advanced Functions. However, the life sciences program at Queen's starts in second year. Personally, I don't think retaking a course impacts their decision too much, unless you repeat two or three courses or take them in summer school. :bom:
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A photo of A5A A5A
CK26 is right, for your first year you will be taking general science courses and from there you can apply to biology, biochem, life sci or switch programs. Generally speaking you'll want over 75% in your first year to be accepted into the life sciences program. In my year the average was 78, but the year before was 73. Hope this helps!
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