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Queens univ Life Science VS. Mcmaster Life Science

A photo of brightfuture brightfuture
I really need some opinions about both universities...

I don't know which one to choose.

Please throw me any info you ever know about those universities!

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A photo of comebackkid comebackkid
Both Schools:
-General first year (bio, chem, physics, calc)
-Large class size (~800 admitted)
-Great reputation in science, but large concentration of bright students (competition will be higher, but it should not matter)

-More majors offered after first year, if I'm not mistaken.
-More resources (12 llibraries I believe)
(need someone from Queen's to help).

-Diverse level of specialization among each program major (ie. Bio, mol bio, bio psych, bio with enviro, bio with math. Bio chem, bio chem with BioMed, biochem with biotech... And so on)
-Problem based learning, and inquiry
-Anatomy and physiology in first year

I could go on an on about Mac but that's a good amount of information (sorry for bias!)
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