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Queen's University - Commerce

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Queens University - Commerce
is there any hope or chance for me to get accepted?

Top 6

English 86%
Calculus 92%
Data Management 85%
business leadership 89%
Financial Securities 94%
Politics 94%


Deca- general member
YMCA- part time / volunteer
tennis team
V.P. homework club
swim team
GYLC - genereal member

My e.c. is decent, but nothing special. my top 6 gives me a
90 average, which is good but in my case it really isn't because
this is my year repeating grade 12. english and calulus are my repeated
courses and they were completed in an inspected private school.

I was the biggest slacker/screw up in grade 11 and 12 and my marks
were all in 50s,60s,70s , some even fail. i deeply regret for being
so stupid and irresponsible throughout the most important school years.

however, in this year repeating grade 12.
i've worked really hard to achieve 90% average.
but i am worried that my past screw ups will screw me over again this year.

there are so many things in my mind like how do examiners
handle private school marks... and repeated course marks...

im not here to get reassurance or positive feedback...
i want to know what you guys think about me being a potential candidiate
but please give me an solid answer, i dont mind if the feedbacks are mean or cold
as long as i can get a legit answer

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A photo of Windsongs4 Windsongs4
I don't know too much, but I'm also applying to queens commerce, and this is what i know from the open house + website:

-anyone over 87%+ average will pass phase 1 of selection. (phase 2 is just EC, they don't distinguish b/w 98 and 89 (that's what they said.. and they said it quite convincingly)

-repeated courses, they take the highest mark.
(don't know how they view them/the private school thing)

-I heard queen's is one of the pickiest, so don't worry if it takes a while to come through (the offer)

-Queen's looks at the essay/supplementary app a lot - so work SUPER hard at it, make it awesome - and i think you stand a good chance of getting in :)
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A photo of Jason202 Jason202
yeah.. but the thing is priority
450 seats and 4500 people applying to queens commerce each year
assuming 3000 of them have above 87% average. you need to have
average above 90% to be competitive...

thing is im a repeating student for grade 12 and
ive screwed up big time in the past. they will probably choose
the current first year students over me even though i have 90% avg.
moreover, i have private school marks and repeated courses.

so yeahhhhh lol i want to cry LOL..
thx for the reply though
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