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Queen's University Nursing Program !!

A photo of MecoTher MecoTher
Hey everyone, I'm a first year nursing student at Queen's University. If you have any questions just ask me!
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A photo of morraa2 morraa2
Hey! Thanks for posting this btw :).
I got accepted to the AST program, but it looks like there's some overlap coursewise and I'm sure you could still help answer some questions overall?

1) What's the atmosphere like in your class overall? Cliquey? Competitive? Or does everyone kind of get along with everyone?
2) How do you find the usefulness of courses?
3) Is it possible to do well on essays, etc? Now, obvi I know that everything takes effort and time, etc., but I just want to make sure that if you put the time in, you get the mark you deserve, and that you aren't screwed regardless of what you do haha.
4) What are the clinical placements like?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :), I don't know much about the Queen's Nursing program, and I'm considering taking the offer if I don't get into my first choice. Thanks again!
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A photo of MecoTher MecoTher
Congratulations! Yes there is quite a bit of overlap within the AST program and my program so I can definitely answer some questions.

1) Of course for first years it's a little different, it can be quite cliquey at times as we are all girls and we're still quite immature! But luckily most of us are not cliquey at all and very open and welcoming to talk to. I personally get along with most of the nurses, and we aren't competitive with each other. We do our best to help each other out. Some AST's I've talked to are very helpful and extremely friendly! Overall I find this course really fantastic because of the closeness of all the nurses, and I believe the AST's are together a lot as well!

2) I find almost all of my classes very helpful. The only classes I didn't find very applicable are NURS 323 (stats), NURS 108 (promoting decision making in health) and Psych 100 (basic knowledge). I think that one of our other courses and 108 could be combined. I'm not sure about the upper year courses or which courses that you still have to take, but my courses; Microbiology, biochemistry, nutrition, physiology and anatomy, introduction into nursing, all extremely helpful. This school does a really great job in applying all of these courses into what you need to know for nursing and how it will help you (except psychology 100)

3) Yes it definitely is possible to get a good mark if you put in the effort and time. Many nurses are doing well, mid seventies to eighties. The profs are amazing if you just need to have some one-on-one time, they are super friendly and because we are such a small faculty it's not that hard for them.

4) I haven't had any placements yet, but for the first couple placements they are stable patients and then as you gain more skills you are put with more unstable patients, for example post operative or paediatrics. You are not placed according to your marks; everyone gets to try the same placements, which I love!

http://nursing.queensu.ca/pr_two_yr.php - This has more details, such as your time table I believe for one of the links!

I hope you get into your first option, but Queen's is a fantastic school with a great school community! Any other questions just ask away :)
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A photo of morraa2 morraa2
Thank you for the quick reply!! :D Ah, this made my day.
That's all really comforting to know. Right now my first choice is Mac because I did my undergrad there, so it's more familiar etc.
Just another few questions.. are there a lot of group projects, and how many people are in the faculty altogether? Sounds pretty small from what you said, which is definitely a good thing!
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A photo of MecoTher MecoTher
No problem! Mac, I'm pretty sure, is ranked among the best in the world for nursing because of the problem based learning approach they have.
I'm not too sure about the group projects, I've only had one all year. There are 87 undergrads let into the program, not too sure about the AST's but I think it's about 40? Our lecture class size is about 120 people for our nursing specific courses, and then tutorials for these classes can be around 20 people. It is definitely one of the smallest disciplines at Queen's!
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