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Queen's University Nursing Program !!

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Hey everyone, I'm a first year nursing student at Queen's University. If you have any questions just ask me!
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A photo of ayjaaay ayjaaay
Hi there! I want to get into Queen's University so bad :(
I havent got accepted ...(yet?)

What was your average when you got accepted? And when did you get accepted?
I have decent extra curriculars including:
- deca
- link crew (leadership club)
- relay for life (breast cancer fundraising event)
- basketball team
- volleyball team
- homeless shelter dinner server
^ these were the ones I put in my extra curricular activities for my PSE

and I'm aiming for an 85 average by midterms, hopefully I can get it up by then.

I don't really know if I have a chance of getting in, since they only take 90 nursing applicants each year. :bounce: :shaking:
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A photo of MecoTher MecoTher
I was accepted at the beginning of March, a month or so after I sent in my PSE. My average out of grade eleven and after first semester was around an 87 or so I believe, I'm not too sure.

Those sound like some amazing extra curriculars and would have made for a pretty solid PSE. I wouldn't stress out until after your midterms are sent in, but get those marks up. Unless it's changed, 85% is around the average to get in if you have a really great PSE. I know some people who got into Queen's (not nursing) from the waiting list.

Good luck! Ask if there is anything else!
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