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Queen's University PSE for Life Sciences?

A photo of KristiFung KristiFung
Hi guys!

So I'm planning to apply to the following universities for life sciences:
1. Waterloo
2. Mac
3. ?

I was thinking of applying to Queen's but after reading about the PSE, I wasn't so sure. I am a really active student in my school, but I usually start panicking when I have to write an additional application or something. Is Queen's a good choice for life science? Or should I apply to another program? And is there a student that's in Queens that can give me some advice of how to write my PSE?

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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
It's really not that bad, and you shouldn't not apply to a school just because of the supp app. Eventually you will have to write one if you plan on pursuing grad/professional school. The PSE is just a online form you fill out, mostly it asks you to list all your ECs and there are a couple of short answer questions from what I remember.
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