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A photo of darrenleduchowski darrenleduchowski
I applied to Queen's University for engineering, and am aware of the mandatory PSE letter. (the personal essay/letter.) Queen's specifies on their website that an email or letter should be mailed to the residence of all applicants in regards to the PSE, but I have still not received any acknowledgment of my application. I've recieved not a single email from Queen's yet and have heard that they are slow with their recruitment process. The letter is due sometime in March I believe. (I applied at the beginning of December.) Has anyone else receieved a letter? Should I mail my letter regardless?

I'm not too worried about this because I don't plan on going to Queen's, but I would appreciate feedback.
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A photo of stephanieanne stephanieanne
I don't think the PSE is a letter, it's an online form which you fill out and submit. Unless you are talking about the supplementary essay, which engineering students don't have to write. Also the submission deadline for the PSE is *recommended* February 15th, and the final deadline is March 1st.
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