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Queen's University Questions!!

A photo of sophiac sophiac
Hi, I'm a BC student in Gr.11 and I am thinking of applying to Queen's University. However, I do not understand what they mean by "Secondary school applicants should provide an official transcript of studies completed as well as mid-year marks for current final-year courses"? Does it mean I will have to send in my uncompleted transcript with my completed grade 11 courses, and my first term marks of my 12th grade? or is it second term mark? It says "mid-year" so I'm guessing it is my second term marks, but it means I will have to send it after March 1 which is the deadline for offers of admission because I get my second term report card in the mid of March. I understand that since I am not an Ontario student, I still have until April 30th to send it in, but my sister's friend was also from BC and he received an early offer on Feb 29, 2012. I wish to know how this whole confusing thing works!

Thanks in advance! ^^
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A photo of ngoumeniouk ngoumeniouk
I applied from BC this year, as did many of my friends, so hopefully I can help you out! My school sent in my first term gr 12 marks as well as my official transcript (which was 10-11 I think, but 11 is what counts). I was accepted off of those marks, as did many of my friends, but Queen's can also choose to wait to see your 2nd term marks or even get your final marks from the Ministry of Education in May/June if you are borderline. Talk to your counsellor though, as he or she is the one who has to officially report your grades to the university. you more than likely aren't the only student applying, so they'll definitely have a system! so don't worry about deadlines, as your marks WILL find their way there before they're due, but also don't slack off once they have your first term marks, as they very well may choose to wait until your second term to accept you.
Hope that makes sense! good luck!
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A photo of sophiac sophiac
Thank it does help, but my school is a relatively new school with only about 100 students K -12. Currently there are only about 15 graduate. Plus they all continued post-secondary education in BC and America, so I might be the first to study in Ontario. :P So I don't know how my school will send my marks.

My school doesn't have a counselor, it is my principal who send the marks. LOL xD
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A photo of ngoumeniouk ngoumeniouk
wow ok ya you're definitely a special case then! but either way, it has to be a school official and not a student who sends in the marks
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