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A photo of Xoria Xoria
I need to choose over McMaster's and Queens. What school do you personally think wins in these categories? I am applying to kinesiology and computer science as a fallback.

I visited these two, and I'm a bit torn.

Res cost and Quality
Easy Marking Teachers
Which is less easy to party
Kin program
Medical school program
People they take in their program
Campus Size
Graduation Rate
Student Atmosphere (Cold, happy, snubbish?)
Overall expenses/Tuition
Facilities (Gyms, etc)
Surrounding City
Academic Scholarships

You don't have to answer all of these, but try your best! Sorry!
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A photo of Beatlelover909 Beatlelover909
I am obviously biased towards Queen's; however, I think McMaster may appeal to you more personally.

Res cost and Quality - I have heard more positives about Queen's dorms plus Queen's is cheaper. However, off-campus living for McMaster is cheaper.
Easy Marking Teachers - I heard while Queen's is not U of T hard, you still have to earn your marks.
Which is less easy to party - While Queen's has become less of a party school, it is still a party school so definitely McMaster.
Hospitals - Queen's is right across from an innovative hopsital but I know McMaster is close to a hospital too.
Kin program - Queen's kin program is a good, selective program. However kin is one of McMaster's top programs.
Medical school program - Both schools are known for this program.
People they take in their program - The smartest people they can get?
Diversity - Queen's is more of an Anglo-Saxon school. I have heard that McMaster is known for being a diverse school.
Campus Size - Queen's is medium-sized whereas McMaster is large.
Graduation Rate - Queen's grad rate is 89.8% whereas McMaster's grad rate is 80.4 %.
Student Atmosphere (Cold, happy, snubbish?) - I have heard conflicting things about Queen's students.
Overall expenses/Tuition - McMaster is more expensive than Queen's.
Food - Queen's food is apparently okay depending where you eat.
Facilities (Gyms, etc)- Queen's has just built a brand new fitness centre.
Bursaries - Queen's is quite generous.
Surrounding City - Hamilton is close to Toronto but Kingston is a nice, historic town.
Academic Scholarships - Queen's is generous but the deadline has passed for a lot of them. I believe February 15th is the due date for the next lot of scholarships.

Sorry, I know it's not much of a comparison if I only know about one school. Hopefully, someone who knows a lot about McMaster will help out.

I also recommend going to http://www.globecampus.ca and comparing McMaster and Queen's together.
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A photo of Fawlkes Fawlkes
My best friend goes to Mac, I go to Queen's. We collaborated and came up with this.

Res cost and Quality: Queen's is less expensive and rooms are bigger. Mac offers suite and apartment style, Queen's only has dorm style. Queens has WAY more single rooms and better furnature. Mac has better common rooms. Queen's has better food and meal plans.
Easy Marking Teachers: About the same. You have to work for your marks.
Which is less easy to party: Again, about the same.
Hospitals: Both have one on campus.
Kin program: Mac's gets less attention because they offer health AND life sci. At Queen's it is it's own faculty and has newly built facilities.
Medical school program: Both fantastic, internationally acclaimed.
People they take in their program: Both ensure only quality applicants are accepted.
Diversity: Mac is MUCH more diverse.
Campus Size: Queen's is smaller and easier to traverse.
Graduation Rate: Queen's has the highest graduation rate in the country.
Student Atmosphere (Cold, happy, snubbish?): Queen's has a more active campus and more engaged student body. Mac is friendlier.
Overall expenses/Tuition: Tuition is about the same. Of campus housing is less expensive at Mac.
Food: Queen's has better, healthier, less expensive food,and more variety and cheaper meal plans.
Facilities (Gyms, etc): Mac has okay facilities, Queen's has a brand new Athletics and Recreation Center with the best facilities in Ontario
Bursaries: About the same
Surrounding City: Queen's is more connected to the city, Mac is isolated. Downtown Hamilton is sketchy and not a place to go alone at night. Kingston is beautiful and safe near campus and has a fantastic downtown, but has sketchy areas further from campus
Academic Scholarships: About the same

Hope this helps!

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A photo of Caillou Caillou
Hey Xoria, you seem to have forgotten about the old thread you started, which happens to be identical to this one. Go check it out sometime, some really interesting discussions have been started regarding your Queens vs Mac dilemma!
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A photo of idotknow idotknow
I got into both. And I dont know which one i should go to. Both sound awesome. Can anyone tell what is the best of each?
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