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Queen's vs. McGill vs. Ivey

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So, I'm trying to compile a decent list of advantages and disadvantages for these three commerce programs. Which school would you pick/have you picked and why? Any more ideas for advantages or disadvantages? I'm actually torn between Queen's and McGill so thoughts between those would be especially appreciated.

+ Known for business program
+ Great school spirit
+ Higher average starting salary
+ More networking opportunities
+ Start business courses from first year
+ Great business building
- High tuition

+ Strong overall reputation internationally and in Canada
+ Located in a major city
+ More opportunities to speak or learn French
+ Still at a great university even if one transfers out of business
+ Lower tuition fees
+ Many international students
- Business courses start second year
- Less known for business program

+ Highest average starting salary
+ More networking opportunities
+ Known for business program
- Start business courses in third year
- High tuition in third and fourth year
- Risk of not being accepted into Ivey
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Good points that you have made!

+ offers many international study/exchange programs in 3rd year.
+ apparently has unmatched extracurricular opportunities
+ hosts prominent case competitions and conferences
+ many dual-degree options achievable in the 4 years
+ offers Queen's Certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility achievable in the 4 years

+ variety of options for first 2 years
+ arguably has the best I-banking placements
+ uses case method of teaching, also used by Harvard Business

Also note that for salary statistics, Queen's does not include bonuses while Ivey does.
They are all around the same level anyhow.

I don't know too much about McGill, but you may find this an interesting read:


McGill's strong reputation is a huge plus if you're looking to go for US (or any international) grad business schools.

I would have chosen Queen's even without a Chancellor's Scholarship because it is a perfect fit for what I seek in 4 years of university, but each individual has his or her own unique preferences and all of these schools are undoubtedly amazing in their own respect.
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Not again.
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@imsyed wrote
Not again.

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