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Queen's vs. McGill?

A photo of Ranta Ranta
I've been accepted to the Faculty of Arts at both Queens and McGill for first year, and am having trouble deciding which to attend.

First off, I'm planning to major in either Classics or Psychology. Overall, Queen's is at the top of my list for academics because of its Classics department and the excavations that the university offers. However, I also want to try out anthropology, which Queen's doesn't have (and McGill does). I'm kinda scared that a Classics degree won't be all that effective without a background in anthro, particularily because I'm interested in archaeology or musuem work (both of which seem pretty anthro-centric).

I also prefer Queen's in terms of school spirit and atmosphere (particularily because it's a smaller university), though I realize that's far from the most important consideration. :P But then again, McGill has a gorgeous campus, and I've always wanted to spend some time in Montreal.

Any help is greatly appreciated! :)

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You can't go wrong with either schools honestly. :)
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