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Queen's vs McGill

A photo of sixdays sixdays
I've narrowed it down to these two schools but can't make a final decision. I feel like I can talk myself into or out of either, to the point where I don't even know what factors to consider. What should I be looking at it? Which would you choose and why?

Here's the pro and con list I've come up with (mutual factors excluded):

- overall rep
- diversity/international vibe
- Montreal
- cost

- difficulty (deflation)
- no part-time work without French

- program rep
- size
- spirit/undergrad experience
- better study abroad
- more interesting courses

- Kingston

I have more of a gut feeling for Queen's. It's just that its location can't even compare to McGill's.
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A photo of g93 g93
They are both excellent programs, and it will be a tough decision, but a good problem to have :)

What are you planning on going through for?

For Queen's, I would add in pros that it is probably considered slightly better academic/opportunity-wise (whatever you want to call it) than McGill. Not big, but slight (more often considered better than McGill).
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A photo of smarty1 smarty1
I am going through the exact same decision process. I am, however, leaning more towards McGill. One can't possibly go wrong with either to be honest, it all comes down to individual preference.
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A photo of jessiexo jessiexo
Honestly, the differences academically are so small that it pretty much comes down to your preference. Personally, I dislike Kingston enough to write it off my list. Sure it's a "party" school but what else is there to do apart from getting smashed everyday @ dorm parties? That gets old. Desautel's program is improving. (Financial times from not in top 100 in 2009, to 97th in 2010, to 57th in 2011).

It pretty much comes down to preference though. I think Queen's has a great program but I don't like that you can't have majors or honours underneath BCom. You can only take more "upper year electives" in one area but it's nothing official and the entire program seems to be less quantitative. I personally like that I can do for example, BCom Honours in Investment Management or BCom Major in Mathematics, etc. I'm more of a mathy person.
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