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Queen's vs. Sauder: Job opportunities, rankings & finances

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Hey guys!

Yes, this is another Queen's versus _______ thread. So I've currently received offers from both Queen's Commerce and Sauder (UBC), but I'm having some issues making my final decision. What I'm wondering is which business program has more national recognition, as well as the hiring opportunities available on-campus. I know that the job market in Vancouver is different from that in Toronto (probably closest big city near Kingston), so if I plan on pursuing a career in law, which area would give me the most job potential?

As well, there is a financial factor weighing in... Queen's is offering me an ~$9000 bursary + a entrance scholarship ($2000) I believe? While UBC is offering ($10 000 x 4 years). Of course, though, the cost of living in Vancouver is quite high.

Any other comments from current and future students of either school are welcome! :cheers:
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Are you an Ontario or BC resident?
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They both have great on-campus recruiting (although I'm a little inclined to say Queen's is slightly better). If you plan on going to law school, it makes no difference (unless you want work experience before heading to law school). Also, the living cost of Vancouver may be higher but QC tuition is a lot higher than that of Sauder's (from what I can google lol).
Personally? I'd choose Queen's, since I hear Queen's has an unbelievable atmosphere and social scene. Vancouver's a pretty sick city though, no doubt about it. Pretty tough choice, can't go wrong with either imo.
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UBC - University of a Billion Chinese.
Queens :batman:
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Where do you plan on working?
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