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Queen's vs. Waterloo vs. McGill vs. U of A biological/biomedical sciences

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Hi! I am a grade 12 student from Alberta and I've been accepted to the 4 schools mentioned above, and I'm having a really tough time deciding which to go to.
I want to attend a university that offers a good education in the subject material and that has a lot of resources available, including research opportunities in my chosen field. I also want a place that has good school spirit and isn't fiercly competitive, because I would really like to go to med school (and in order to do so I need a very high GPA).
Additionnally, athletics are important to me and I would like to be somewhere that offers a variety of intramurals and has good athletic opportunities. I will also probably try to volunteer while in university, so if volunteering is accessible from campus, or on campus, that would be great (although I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem).

Right now I'm leaning towards Queen's because of the environment, but U of A would also be a great place because of the well-developed programs and research that they have going on there. McGill has begun to seem a little hostile and competitive, especially seeing as the people who attend McGill are most often very smart and driven. Waterloo is currently at the bottom of my list, but the reason that I applied is because it has a good varsity program for the sport that I play and the coach was very nice. (although academics are more important to me than sports)

...So, perhaps my dilemma is more easily solved than I thought, but I am really debating between U of A and Queen's (the drawback is that U of A is in edmonton...blech).

Anyway, any help/advice that you could offer would be fantastic! Thanks :)
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Queen's for school spirit & not so competitive but keep in mind that McGill's biomed program is considered the best in the country. You shouldn't discount a school because you're afraid of the program. Other things should factor in as well...

Do you like small cities or large cities?
What are your hobbies? Which city suits those?
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