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Question About Canadian University Admission

Hello, I have a few questions about the university admission system in Canada. First of all, a question that many have asked already, which grades are more important when applying:grade 11 or grade 12? The answer I got was 11 for early applications, and 12 for other applicants. Is this true? But the strange thing is that Universities wants to see grade 12 marks for specific subjects, but if I'm applying early, then I don't have the results yet. Ahhhh, it's confusing. Could someone clear this up for me? Much Thanks.
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Have you tried digging around a bit? Google searching? You'd be surprised at how much information is floating on the internet. 

1. Grade eleven marks only matter if your marks are so far above the admission average that a school is prepared to accept you immediately. Your top six average in grade twelve is what matters most. Your top six average includes prerequisite courses.

2. You can still apply without having a required course completed. They will simply accept you under the condition that you complete the course before you graduate and maintain a certain average.

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Sorry, I should have done some more research then. Thanks for the information though.
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