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question about CUDO

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I was reading the CUDO site, and it says that for business and commerce for York (schulich), 14.4% of people who got accepted into the university had an 85-89% average, which is really weird because I went to the University fair on Friday, and I was told by a representative of Schulich that the lowest average they accept last year was 91%, and the previous year was 90.5%.

I was wondering if any of you know how accurate CUDO is, and if the averages that they are giving are admission averages, or total grade 12 averages, or I'm totally wrong :/

I'm just wondering because I don't think my average will be at 90+, mainly because I' taking physics and chemistry
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That sounds about right.

Because the admission average cutoff last year was 91...but after you are admitted you are given a conditional offer and the condition (the average you have to maintain) can drop a few percent...so that 14% are kids who got admitted with a 91 percent sometime in second semester, but then dropped a few percent by the finals, but were still admitted into the school.

However people still go for finishing with 90s because you get two thousand dollars$$$$ for finishing with above 90+...and because they are so used to studying it feels weird to let their marks drop.
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Another thing: the data is for business and commerce programs at York. Don't forget that York itself offers business programs that are separate from Schulich. Those programs have lower cutoffs than Schulich, and they have more students than Schulich programs. The data probably includes all the students in business, Schulich + York.

In regards to your chemistry and physics mark, they don't have to be in your top 6. Just do well on your other 6 courses :p
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