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Question about Entrance Scholarships

A photo of Jordan23 Jordan23
If I'm offered a scholarship with my acceptance based on my average at the time (85-89%), will they renew my scholarship to a larger amount if I am able to jump to the next scholarship bracket (eg. 90-95%) after I finish second semester? I'm not sure if this question exists on the forums already.

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A photo of awaysheflew awaysheflew
Depends on the university. Some universities will bump your scholarship up if your average goes up, others won't.

I know for a fact that Laurier does, because they said so in my offer letter.
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A photo of Meridian Meridian
Most schools would likely up your initial entrance scholarship if your final grade 12 marks meet the higher thresholds.

They would not increase the defined renewal amount in subsequent years. The usual requirement for renewal is to maintain a certain level (usually A- or 80%). They don't expect you to hold the same %% that got you the initial scholarship amount.

Now that said, if you can nail a 90+ in first year, that might be worthy of some other in course awards..

good luck
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A photo of Jordan23 Jordan23
Thanks for the help!
I hope I can jump to the next level. The difference in money offered is a lot for many of the schools.
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A photo of zarah101 zarah101
You are most probably given scholarships based on your grade 12, 6 courses with the highest marks.
Also, most of the universities give you entrance scholarships based on the second semester final marks.so most probably you should get scholarship based on ur final mark.
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A photo of Tessa Tessa
I was wondering if you still get entrance scholarships if youve taken a part time fifth year of highschool. anyone know?
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