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Question about HBA AEO and Waterloo AFMPA

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Hello everyone, I am currently a Grade 12 IB Diploma student. I am very interested in the Richard Ivey HBA program, and I would like to apply for AEO status once my December predicted scores come out. I just have one question, however, and that is:

To be accepted into Ivey HBA, do I have to be in a commerce or business-affiliated faculty for my first two years?

I am also very passionate about science, particularly biochemistry, and I was wondering if I can apply to Ivey HBA if my first two years at University of Western Ontario is in a science faculty. If I can be in a science faculty for the first two years and still be able to apply to Ivey HBA, are there any prerequisite courses that I should take in University?

My question about the Waterloo AFM-PA program, is because I live in Vancouver, I can not go to U of W to write the AFMAA. How would I be able to fulfill that requirement? Is the AFMAA an exam I write after they've considered my application?

Thank you for your help :)
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A photo of aeryn aeryn
As far as I know, you don't have to be in a commerce/business related program for your first two years. That's the advantage of the 2+2 system. I don't know about prerequisites though.

For the AFMAA, you don't have to be at Waterloo. You can arrange to write it where you live, but you have to have a proctor. Here's what I found online:

If you require an individual proctor, it is your responsibility to contact an appropriate person or institution, informing them of your intent to write the AFMAA. You will be required to write on Saturday, April 14, 2012 unless special permission is granted by the School of Accounting and Finance to write on an alternate date/time. Review the FAQ list for more details and instructions on arranging for an individual proctor. Proctors may be used:

If you live outside of the 400 km driving radius of the University of Waterloo. Applicants who live in Barrie, Markham, New Market, Toronto, Niagara Falls, and London are not outside the 400 km driving radius; therefore, you are required to write at the University of Waterloo unless special conditions apply.
If you cannot write on the scheduled date of the AFMAA, you may request approval to write on an alternate date/time with an individual proctor.
If you have medical, religious, or special circumstances that are approved by the School of Accounting and Finance.
The person you ask to be your proctor must not be related to you in any way (including by marriage or common law) and must not reside at the same address as you. The person you select must be a professional from one of the following occupations:

Teacher/educational professional (active or retired) above the pre-school level
Administrative employee of a university, school, or college
Religious institution official (e.g. priest, rabbi, pastor, minister, pundit, nun, monk)
Accountant (CA, CMA, CGA)
Professional engineer
Law enforcement officer
Health care worker (for applicants with special personal care needs only)
If you need a proctor, you may want to begin making arrangements at the beginning of March to have a proctor supervise the writing of the AFMAA in April. The AFMAA assignment package will be shipped to your proctor prior to your scheduled writing of the AFMAA.
Pasted from http://www.saf.uwaterloo.ca/afm/AFMAA.html

First, they review your application to determine whether or not to send you an invite to write the AFMAA. This first look at your application is only to cut out the applicants with an average well below the cutoff. Then, after the AFMAA is written, they consider your application and your AFMAA score together to make their final decision.
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A photo of immaculatedx immaculatedx
Yeah for HBA, it's actually encouraged to NOT study in a business/commerce-related faculty if you will be especially if you will be going to UWO.

For AFM-PA, just hire a proctor.
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A photo of BigBMan BigBMan
You do not have to be in a business program. You just need to take the second-year Ivey accounting course (Business 2257). I would encourage you to pursue your interest in science.
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