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Question About Loran Award?

A photo of jazz10 jazz10
I heard that if you are selected as a Loran Scholar, in order to renew the scholarship you have to live on campus. Is that true? What if you plan to go to university in your hometown anyways?

Just wondering if someone could clarify for me.

Thanks. :-)
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A photo of cherrypie725 cherrypie725
Yes, I think I remember reading somewhere that you are required to live in residence for the first two years. I tried to search their website but I couldn't find it. I believe it may have said this on the application form, which isn't available to download yet.
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A photo of apajohnson apajohnson
cherrypie725 is correct: you have to live in residence for your first two years. This is what is written on the application:

"Loran Award holders must meet university and program admission requirements. To renew the Loran Award, award holders must: maintain a B+ standing (3.3) under a full course load; live in university residence for first and second years; show continued evidence of character, leadership and service, and continue studies at their university of entrance."

Good luck for the scholarship!
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