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Question about UBC Science and other UBC students

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I be really grateful if someone can answer these questions

I am planning to go onto Physics/Math and I want to ask. I am also planning to transfer to UBC next year and I will be 20/19 by then

1. How are the professors? Like are most of them dicks who like to make their students' life difficult? I am mainly asking the Math professors since I doubt any of you know any Physics professors lol.

2. Do professors use WebVista? Do they post solutionmanuals and grades?

3. I am guessing since I am in Science, everyone is Asian. I am just wondering does that mean all of my classmates from my year are probably going to UBC too?

4. Is living on campus possible? I hear applying for residence is even harder than getting into the university itself because UBC gives people who don't live in B.C. priority and freshmen. Since I am a transfer student, what are the probability of me getting res?

5. I know most students commute off-campus, but do they all live alone? This question is just out of curiosity...

6. Are the students there friendly...? Or because they are all Asians, they don't talk to you and they speak in their own language?

Thank you so much!

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