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Question about University Applications

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So, I just submitted my OUAC application for what programs/schools I want and stuff... But I had a bad realization afterwords. What do you do if you need to submit extra things to your application? Special needs things, I.e. medical documents that need to go with your application.

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I'm assuming that you mean submitted as in you got your OUAC reference? Well, if that was all done today you'll have to wait one business day to open up your account with OUAC # and then you can log in and make the necessary changes.

After you make the changes, you press the submit button again and they give you this Confirmation #. I suggest that you copy and paste the confirmation number somewhere just to be safe.

Recommended 'last changes' by OUAC is sometime early February. So try to make all changes before then.
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If you have a medical condition that you want universities to be aware of when they're considering your application, you have to send that information to each individual university directly. In other words, you don't send that information through OUAC.
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Thank you both!
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I'm just having troubles with the deadlines for the OUAC Applications vs the University Application.
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