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question about waterloo AFM-FM vs FARM

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Hi, here i got a question here about AFM-FM vs FARM.:!: ~
mhmmm.. ...I really like the career planning in AFM; however i heard that quantitative analysis is the recent trend of finance and i realized that there are no courses like linear algebra and calculus in the schedule of AFM-FM. basically AFM-FM only focuses on CFA and fundamental analysis while FARM seems to have more quantitative analysis related courses and provide students options to go for both PRM and CFA.
personally, i dont want to spend 5years of my life in faculty of math(no offend but true:cyclops: ) and i really want to take more courses about business, communication, case study etc, but i also know the importance of math foundation in modern finance... this really is a headache because both programs have a set schedule.
:( wondering if any of u guys have the same dilemma as mine. what's ur choice/suggestion?
tnx :p:batman:
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Personally I would say a math degree would be better than FARM (there's been discussions of this over on the Math/Eng/CS forum), but you don't seem to want to do a math degree.

AFM is certainly not set up to be overly quantitative. But I know there is the option to take two of the higher-level math/calc courses in first year (one's lin. alg I think) and then you take corporate finance instead of managerial finance. I'm not sure how you go about doing this, or if there are any other options available to you.

I would suggest emailing this question (can you make AFM more like FARM is basically what you'd be asking) to Carol Treitz, and CC Darren Charters. They will be able to help you out. Contact information for them is here if you don't have it (ctrl + f the names).
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