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Question From A Student On Disability...

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Hello everyone,

I'm a 12th grade high school student, graduating this year and planning to attend college next year. Being accepted will not be an issue; my marks are more than good enough (I was accepted by universities last year, when I was planning on attending one). Long story short, I decided to attend college because a) it has programs I am interested in, and b) it is less stressful than university.

I am currently on ODSP for mental illness (Bipolar Disorder). I am intelligent, but depressive episodes make it very difficult to be motivated to complete school work.

My question, however, is to all post-secondary students out there, not just college students: How difficult is college/university, really? How much time would I be spending in classes and doing homework? The program I will choose will either be Social Service Worker, or Child & Youth Worker.

I know that students on disability can receive OSAP while doing 40% of a course load, as opposed to 60% (the minimum for non-disabled students). I am worried that I won't be able to handle the full course load...which is why I'd like some feedback on how difficult a full course load in post-secondary school is. What do you think would be best in my situation: Full-time or part-time?

Any replies are greatly appreciated, thank you!
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Just bumping the post up. :batman:
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I'm in grade 12 too so I probably won't be much help but yeah...:P According to my cousins (they went to uni like 10 years ago, but anyway...), university is OK as long as you use your time wisely and study hard. They also said something along the lines of "if you're not willing to spend like 80% of your time to uni...then you shouldn't take a full course load."
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