yconic - Question: Ivey AEO2 (that didn't meet requirements) ≥ Western student (Non-AEO)?
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Question: Ivey AEO2 (that didn't meet requirements) ≥ Western student (Non-AEO)?

A photo of masonuwo masonuwo
I've heard/read a lot of different things.. Is an AEO2 HBA1 applicant that did NOT meet their AEO requirements still given preferential treatment over Western Non-AEOs? ..or are they now treated as equals since the AEO status wasn't maintained?

Is there much of a difference if that status wasn't maintained after 1st, 2nd or both years?

PS; I'm the Western Non-AEO HBA applicant in the above situation :)
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A photo of iveyguy iveyguy
AEO's who did not maintain requirements are looked at prior to non AEO students. Think about it this way: AEOs made a commitment to go to Ivey since high school, have a track record of high marks and involvement, and may have been a few percent under the 80 requirement. Based on what I have heard, AEO's with good extra curriculars and 76-77+ are usually accepted. Mind you, if you are a non-AEO with over 80 and good extra curriculars, you will likely get in.

Also, the status is looked at as an average of 10.0 courses over 2 years, the first year avg vs. second year avg does not make a difference.
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