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Question regarding AFM

A photo of WhereIGo WhereIGo
I know the AFM program will look at 3 aspects of you in order to make their decisions. The AFMAA, AIF, and your marks. Does anyone have any idea how much each factor contribute to their decision making?
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A photo of j0sp j0sp
I've been directly told by a current AFM-PA student, along with an administrative worker that it is a third, a third, and third. That means all are weighted equally, more or less!
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A photo of Nana26 Nana26
1/3? Thats A LOT. Does anyone know what is the total mark for the AFMAA?? I have an average of 92.3, is that enough for the PA? im so nervous about the test tomorrow though.
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A photo of caveman caveman
I'm not aware of any breakdown being announced by Waterloo. I'm sure they may have an internal weighting, but each applicant is considered individually. Each of the three factors will be considered, and each does hold some weight, but from what I hear it's not necessarily 1/3 to each. There's no sense in guessing, just focus on maintaining/improving your marks, and keep up your ECs and stuff.

Good luck tomorrow! Your average is definitely competitive btw.
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A photo of j0sp j0sp
My average is almost exactly the same, and I'm hoping it's high enough too!
And I guess you're right, just try our best on the AFMAA and midterm marks!
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A photo of Craziness Craziness
A high average does not guarantee you a spot in AFM, you have to do well in the other categories also. I know some students who had high 90 avgs and did not get in the AFM program either due to their AIF or poorly written AFMAA. That being said, don't worry about it too much, try your best, and make sure you take the time to read the questions thoroughly and and answer truthfully. I believe you will have more then enough time, make sure to pace yourself.
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