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Question Regarding Minimum Math Requirement

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In order to get into Laurier, you need to maintain a 60 in "another math class" (I currently have calculus and taking advanced functions in night school). My advanced functions is well above the required 70, sitting at 92, but can't say the same for calculus

I had a 72 at midterm, but ive now had 2 bad tests in a row since our school's math department is hard as hell. We're moving on to trig on monday though.

Now although I think i'll be able to maintain the required 60, what would happen if everything goes wrong and I fall below? Do they automatically revoke my acceptance or do I have a shot to go to summer school and bump it up? Also if not sure, do you think I could contact their admissions office and ask them for this?

Again, not worried just being precautious, thanks in advance again

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They would revoke your offer, however you can appeal and ask to take it in summer school (I think that's how it goes).

Is your school IB/AP, or just regular? And are you in Ontario?
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Yup in ontario, and not in IB but it just seems like our school is alot more challenging than all the other schools, I've seen the math that some of my friends at other schools get and it's nothing in comparison, but I guess we're well prepared??

But yeah, I actually enjoy calculus more than advanced functions, it makes more sense. Just extremely challenging. Math is one of those things that I can do well in if I can do my homework, and thats been hard this semester with night school biting into 2 of my school nights, plus other commitments.
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At the same time, I think I should be able to pull it off!
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