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question regarding teacher reference

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Hey guys, so I filled out my laurier abs but on the bottom it says to provide a reference of a teacher that you have known for 2 years or more. I actually put the accounting teacher I had grade 12 this year but I have only known her for this year only. This teacher is new to my school so I only know her for 1 year. So Should I change it to another teacher reference?

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i would look for someone else... because the abs is supposed to highlight your extra curriculars that you have done over the years. Ask your self is there any thing u did for two or more years. If their is something then ask someones that knows about your participation in it. I guess this people who just start to join clubs in gr 12 for ecs get denied.

It is not the same thing to be committed to a club since gr 9 then joining it in gr 12.
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The reasons I gave my grade 12 accounting teacher is because a lot of my EC's are business related so she knows how involved I am and because I switched schools in Gr 11 so I don't know other teachers THAT well.

Do u still think I should ask another teacher for reference or keep it the same?
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