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Question: UBC chance of admissions

A photo of CorissaD CorissaD

I'm applying to UBC (Forestry) Natural Resource Conservation program from Saskatchewan! I'm 19 and gradusted 2009, but I'm back at school to raise my grades for university. The 90s I have in English are the new grades that I received this year. The big question here is my average and chemistry mark... Are they high enough?

So my marks are:

ELA A30 - 93 previously - 60
ELA B30 - 93 "" - 80
Bio30 - 84
Chem30 - 80
Math B30- 63 (currently upgrading)
Band30 - 88

So what do you think?

I have a chance of getting guaranteed admissions to the program if my transcripts arrive before the end of february... So I'm hoping! :cheers:
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
I'm not from Saskatchewan myself, so I'm going to base this off of what I found on the UBC website...
You would need ELA A30 and B30, Math, Bio, and Chem.. since I don't think Band would count for your entrance average.
Year by year, the admission averages for UBC is increasing..
This year I hear that the science average is around 90, give or take a few percent.
In order to get at least a 90% average, you would need to get 96+ in Math..
Not saying it's impossible, but it will be a challenge.
but even if you had only a 86% average, you could try doing the supplemental application to increase your chances. If they dno't admit you based solely on your grades, they will look at your supplemental and if you grades are very close and you have a supplemental, it could happen. :)
You could also try upgrading your chemistry mark as well!
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
On a side note, I don't know if you know this already or not but,
you also need Chem 20 and one of either Phys 20 or Bio 20 completed in order to be considered for the science program at UBC.
They won't look at your marks for the two, just that you've completed them..
But I'm assuming you have Bio and Chem 20 since you took Bio and Chem 30.
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A photo of CorissaD CorissaD
Thanks Cyynthiia! I'm actually applying to a forestry program... I guess that is considered a science?
I was on the website and you need all those classes, and can use band 30 as admission!

I'm just really hoping to get into the UBC program and want to make sure everything is in check. It's such a great atmosphere and the campus is beyond beautiful. Everywhere you go in Vancouver you can see trees and mountains - I love it!

Thanks for the advice. I'm working on the supp. application. Any tips on how to ace it, anyone?
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A photo of CorissaD CorissaD
P.S. I decided to drop the chem class I was in... I just started working 6 hours at my daycare, and that and math b30 is enough for me.:compress:
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
I kind of started working on the supplemental.
My one tip is to find some way to make it different.
Don't say the same thing that everyone else says.. Don't just write something because you think that's what they want to hear.. I'm sure they read at least a few thousand supplementals with the same response to every question.
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