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after I graduated high school I went to college where I wasn't focused and dropped out in the first semester failing two classes. Since then i've upgraded my high school marks to the mid 80's and i'm looking to apply to some Ontario universities i.e. Queens, Waterloo, Western, U of T. I'm curious how the two failed classes will impact my application process? Many thanks.
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A photo of Nick0rz Nick0rz
Just to clarify the two failed classes were in college, right? If so, you aren't required to disclose that information to any of the universities you're applying to. Schools do not share information between each other, they can't even tell any other school that you attended because of privacy concerns. (Last year I won a scholarship from an outside source, and it was a huge hassel to get the $ applied to my tuition because the school couldn't tell the scholarship group if I went there, and there were forms etc that I had to fill out).
So to conclude it should have no impact. You may just want to explain why the marks were upgraded though, saying something like how you werent sure what you wanted to do, so you went into the real world for a time before returning to highschool. Waterloo MAY lower your average because the courses are repeated, but if youre able to explain it to them on your app, and give them a good reason you'll be fine.
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A photo of ktel ktel
^ Most transfer students are required to include all post-secondary transcripts. Potentially you could lie, but if they found out they could kick you out. It would be best to contact the universities and ask their policy for your situation
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