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Questions about applying to UBC Sauder

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Hi, I have got questions when I try to apply to UBC Sauder today. When I try to apply using their online application system, there is a page called "Personal Profile" and all it has are essay-type questions about leadership, requiring 5 activity descriptions, and it also asks to provide 2 references at the end.

So my question is, what is this? I know there is a supplemental application that I need to fill out after the application and after I paid all the fees, but this page looks really similar to that supplemental application from what I heard(I havent seen the actual one yet). And I think this is not the supplemental application for Sauder? So what is this and will they evaluate this personal profile when considering my application? Because this page cant be changed after I submit my application and I am still looking for achieving more accomplishment and yet not to submit my application too late. I planned to submit the application and then submit the supplemental later originally. Thanks for taking your time and I hope I can get a answer or help. Thank you so much!
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to be honest i just did everything lol. I can't quite remember what the sauder application was like but i believe it was question's like---"How can sauder help you achieve your goals" or something like "What will you do after sauder".

I can't quite remember if those were the questions on the "Personal Profile" but I would do the profile anyways. If you want to wait and get a better set of ECs or references then go for it, but cautious of the deadlines. I almost missed it cuz of other applications.

One more tip! I did the part that was optional asking if there was anything else I wanted to share. I think that was where i included my future aspirations.
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