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Questions about being fifth year.

A photo of CrisdeArmero93 CrisdeArmero93
I am back in high school on a fifth year because I had some substance abuse problems during my grade 12 year. The teachers and guidance counselors were extremely supportive with me coming back and allowed me to retake every single class. I passed every class, but only at the sympathy of my teachers. Pretty much all of my marks were in the 50s except for a 63 and 68 in two university classes. I'm back at a fifth year now and everything is going great. I received my mid-term marks and they're all high 80s and 90s.
I have 4 classes this semester and they are all University level classes. I was going to stay for 2 semesters. But I am thinking now that if I get all 90s in my 4 classes and use the 63 and 68 as my other 2 for applying to university, my average will be around a 77 or 78. I'm worried that this will not be enough to get into the University of Ottawa where I want to take International Relations and Modern Languages. The Admission average is 78 for this course and I don't know how likely it is to be accepted with my 78 average. I'm also worried that my grade 12 marks from last year will also be taken into account, that would really ruin my plans.
I guess my questions are really,

Should I just stay for a second semester?
Are previous grade 12 marks taken into account?
Is a 78 a good average?

And any other advice is highly appreciated. I really regret my grade 12 year but I've been trying extremely hard to get back on track and get into a good university. I just want to know what the best decision for me would be.
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A photo of ktel ktel
Contact the University of Ottawa and see when admissions decisions are made. You could apply, and if rejected, go back for a second semester if the timing works out.
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A photo of 6x7 6x7
I think because of your grades, you will have a higher chance to get in if they see that you are taking a second semester. It will show them that you aren't just striving for the minimum average, but for above. So I think it is best to just stick it out for another semester, it will prove to them that you are committed to improving your grades. Best of luck!
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