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Questions about McGill Management (Desautels)

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I have some questions about McGill Management if anyone can answer.

How is the program spread our throughout the 4 years? (ex. I heard that it's 1 year general arts and 3 years management.)

I want to eventually become a chartered accountant. Do you know if i could do that with McGill Management? Are the courses that are required to get a CA offered?

What is special about Desautels that other business programs don't have?

What are the marks that you need to get in?

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A photo of lemony lemony
During the first year, you take two business-related courses (one is an introduction to management course and the other a writing class) and two math classes. The rest of are complementary courses (a very wide range of courses you can take) and electives - so that's where the general arts and science comes in.

However, if you get IB or AP credits, you can skip that first year and go straight into second year. Second to fourth year are entirely management.

You can definitely go into accounting at McGill, not sure about the details.

To get in, you need about a 92+ average.

Finally, what's special about Desautels? I can't tell you exactly because I haven't visited other business schools but one thing I've noticed in particular is that Desautels is, let's say, very international. McGill is basically ranked as one of the top schools in Canada and you get people from all over the world attending (especially from the US, France, China, and Pakistan I've noticed). Not to mention, you are in a major bilingual city. Many people choose to major in International Management. It's a very interesting environment.
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