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Questions about McGill! Please read

A photo of Lefty07 Lefty07
I'm currently in grade 11 at an Ontario high school, thinking of applying to McGill next year. I just have a few questions, and if anyone could answer them I would GREATLY appreciate it. I'm very confused.

1. Does McGill consider course rigor? I'm taking grade 12 Advanced Functions and Calculus & Vectors, both at the advanced level. If I can only manage to pull off about 82-87% in these courses (I want to go into sciences, then med), should I drop down to the regular Academic (4U) level so my marks will be better??? Or should I stick with the hard class? How do they weight the course?

2. Do they look at grade 9, 10 and 11 marks? And do they consider your situation? In grade 9 I went to a school that didn't put much emphasis on math and after that I switched to a school that is reputed for its math program (advanced even at regular level, very difficult). I was in grade 11 math in grade 10 and I only got 80%, but the teacher said it was the best mark he'd seen from a transfer student, both at the advanced and regular level. Will this count for anything? I don't want them to see those marks.

3. Are extracurricular activities only a factor for scholarships, and not admission? What if you have something HUGE like founding an organization? Would this help you like it would for US schools admission?

4. Is being from Ontario a huge disadvantage? I know about half the students selected are from Quebec, but is Ontario a bad place to be from in this case?

5. Will they consider my AP courses? I've heard they sometimes take them for university credit... are they a factor in admissions though? AND if I drop to regular Calculus & Vectors but still right the AP and get a 4 or 5, will this help?

6. If you are from Canada, will they still consider your SAT scores if you take them? Or do they just not look at them?

7. For next year in grade 12, I am considering doing co-op instead of some useless classes at the university. If I do this, I'll be working in the research lab. Would this help me, or should I just stick with classes? I'm volunteering in the lab anyways, just not as co-op.

My GC is new to the job and doesn't really know...
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A photo of alexandrasiu alexandrasiu
Hi there, I'm a grade 12 student planning to apply to McGill too!

I've asked a question similar to yours to a McGill Architecture student before, and they said that McGill just looks at your MARKS. She had decided not to take AP and just concentrate on maintaining her average and making a nice portfolio, and this choice did her good in the end (she was accepted with a mid90s average I think). So I'd suggest you go for the regular academic level, and aim for high marks there. Also, they do look at grade 11 marks I believe. (Most universities look at grade 11 marks to determine who gets accepted when there's several applicants with the same grade 12 average marks.)

If you want to be safe, aim for 90s+ in everything so that you are guaranteed an acceptance! Of course, it also depends on what you're applying to. Perhaps check out the cut-offs for last year on their website?

This is just a vague answer to all of your questions, hope it helps. If anything, look around the forum for any McGill students and PM them your questions. :)
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A photo of Meridian Meridian
Cut off for Biomedical/life science is around 92%.

They will only look at your high school marks for admission purposes. McGill will actually receive the marks direct from OUAC (just like Ontario Uni's). They will review both grade 11 and 12 marks. SAT's have no bearing if coming from Ontario.

Taking AP level classes has no impact on admissions. McGill will however accept a 4 or 5 on AP scores as credit equivalent for many first year Uni courses, but each faculty has a different perspective on what they will allow. McGill website spells it out.

EC's are not used for admission, but they are used for major scholarships. If you can get your average up in the mid 90's apply to them as well. 95% and good EC's can net you $20K entrance.

So you need to get your top 6 grade 12 average (incl pre-reqs)above 92%... If you are going to be close, do what you need to do to ensure that. Also dont assume the lower math course can net you a higher mark. Gotta check out the teachers and how they mark.

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