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Questions about my grade 12 courses for next sem...

A photo of ps3fanboy25 ps3fanboy25
So I changed my schedule around a lot today and got my schedule for next semester.

I have Data Management (with a really hard teacher), Philosophy (the university course), and Food & Nutrition Science. I am also taking World Issues through online night school.

How is philosophy and how is taking world issues online? I am aiming for a 90+ in the online course because I hear it's possible but my friends who have taken online courses say it depends on the teacher.

What is philosophy like? I had biology before and dropped it for philosophy because I thought it would be easier.

I meant to post this in the course chitchat forum, my mistake
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
My friends are taking Philosophy and say it's mainly class discussions & debates, some teachers format it differently so it depends. I never took it nor will because I just take courses which interest me or ones that I need for the programs I applied to. Stating whether or not it's easy or not is kind of subjective, what may be easy for me won't be for you and vice versa.

I'm looking at your signature and it's odd how you have 1 Psychology program and the rest business, why didn't you apply to Schulich @ York?

Did you take any business classes in grade 12 yet?
I'm not one to tell people how to run their grade 12 courses but I'd take classes that are relevant to your interests and potential future program!

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A photo of ps3fanboy25 ps3fanboy25
I was planning on majoring in psychology and I applied to 3 psychology programs and I took Psychology related courses in Grade 12, but then I decided I really want to do management so I changed all my applications. I tried changing my courses but there are no more spaces left in the business courses.

I got accepted to Retail Management at Ryerson so I guess I'm on the right track!
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A photo of Katarina101 Katarina101
I'm currently taking both the World Issues course and Philosophy this semester. I really liked the world issues course, it opened my eyes. We learned about the difference in populations (India, China) and environmental issues, as well as modern day issues like terrorism. As long as you do your readings and assignments on time, you will do great. As for philosophy it depends on the teacher. I'm finding this course really boring as I have to read 10-20 pages of fine print from the textbook every day. Basically the teacher gave everyone a section of the textbook and everyday someone would teach a topic. Regardless if I hate it, I'm still in the high 80's, its relatively easy if you stay up to date. Any questions, just ask :)
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