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Questions about my schools!

A photo of gnfnr211 gnfnr211
Okay, the three schools I applied to were McMaster, Trent and University of Toronto (St.George) all for History or as the schools like to call it Humanities. Both McMaster and Trent have an average range of about the mid-70s to get into this program and UofT low-80s and ENG4U is the only prerequisite. My average is actually pretty high this semester in regards to the averages these schools require. I have an 88 in ENG4U, 81 in CIA4U and 86 in SES4U. This all adds up to an 85 average. I feel confident in my marks, however my concern is how "simple" it is to get into this program (as opposed to a science program where you need maths,sciences and english). Do alot of people apply to these kinds of programs because they are "easier" to get into. I want to get into McMaster really badly and they have about 650ish spots (I think) for this program. How are my chances??

Secondly, I want to become a high school teacher and history is something I've always had an interest in, as it teaches the world of past societies evils and mistakes, and thats why I'm going to study it in university (hopefully). However, in order to become a high school teacher in Ontario you need to be able to teach two things (eg major and minor) and I realize you pick your major and minor later in university but I was thinking of majoring in history and minoring in either biology or economics. Once your in a university you can pick/switch your classes around right??. For example, if my marks were in really good next semester (ex MHF4U 83%, SBI4U 87%, BBB4M 90%, CHY4U 95%) could I take history and bio classes together in university as long as I get accepted for history??. I've called McMaster and said you could do such a thing, as long as you get in and you have the prerequisites. I really enjoy bio, I have SBI4U next semester and I'm REALLY looking forward to it (the reason why I want to minor in it).

I hope this isn't too much to answer/read, but it would be MUCH appreciated if someone could give me some answers. (oh yeah, when does McMaster usually start sending out confirmations??)
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A photo of newguy1 newguy1
Well if the cut offs are 75-80 ish, your 85 average more than guarantees your acceptance. I wouldn't worry about getting in to those programs with those marks.

When you get into a university your in the section you applied for but are able to choose any other courses you have pre reqs for. I hope that answers your second question.
Ex. Pretend im in history, but I took bio 12 therefore I can take life science courses pertaining to bio.

Its the same everywhere.
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A photo of gnfnr211 gnfnr211
Thanks for the info, keep the responses coming...lol
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A photo of lowexpectations lowexpectations
My history (CHY4U) teacher has a major in politics & economics and a minor in physics. So yes, it's possible. :)
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A photo of VegaKrazmych VegaKrazmych
Yes, you can work out the specifics of your minor after you are accepted. That sounds like a good combination to me, as Biology and History are my two favourite subjects.
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