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Questions about Nutrition and Dietetics in UBC

A photo of DNAV DNAV
I am interested in Nutrition.
I heard that the students who aim to get a job in such field(such as an nutritionist) have to keep working on their post-graduate study at university. Is that true?
Besides, i have already been admitted by UBC.
Is that an extremely competitive university?
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
UBC is pretty competitive, probably the most competitive on the west coast.
A job in nutrition is pretty hard to find these days, don't hear about it a lot.
But if you get into the third year dietetics program at UBC, you're guaranteed an internship for your program, which could very possibly land you a job at the end of your studies.
My mentor is a third year student in UBC Dietetics, so I'm pretty sure what I'm saying is quotable :P
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A photo of Justin604 Justin604
Hey DNAV, are you a student from out side of B.C. ?
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