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Questions about options when required to withdraw

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And once again, it's the essay course that kills it for me. I've done well in all other courses, but didn't make it through the essay course. Even worse, it had to be during my academic probation period. So it's inevitable that I will be required to withdraw for at least 12 months.

I know it's going to end up with the need for a job to cover the debt from OSAP and preferably possible future tuition fees. Instead of bringing this to my parents and getting a demotivational speech (they're good at that), I'd just like to plan ahead of what happens when I can apply for admission to any university again. I still maintain my intention to have a degree in the future.

Currently studying economics at the University of Western Ontario, but my home's in Markham, where I've been considering the switch to York University.

I'd just like to ask about an overview of the application process. Is it still based on my high school grades from 3 years ago? Will any of my grades from university be considered in the application process?

I'd also like to know just how much the "required to withdraw" affects my job hunt. Precisely whether the fact that some university was completed would boost my chances, or the withdraw hurting my chances at the job hunt.
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