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Questions about Perth hall

A photo of emilyej emilyej
so i found out my building assignment yesterday and im still in shock that i got my first choice (perth) and as a first year i got a single room. *happy dance*
i remember loving perth when i visited in the fall preview but i havent been there since then so i have some questions

1) does anybody know what the single rooms are like in perth, in terms of size/layout because i only went into the double ive never seen single

2)i know i have a single room but will the options i selected from my rez questionnaire still apply to the person who is getting the other single room and shares a bathroom with me? because i dont want some smoker or somebody who likes to go to bed early and get up early and that kind of thing

3)im in biomedical science so i was wondering what the walk is like to the buildings where my classes will be. looking at the map, perth seems to be really far away. i have 8:30 classes but im not a morning person, do people from like perth and essex and london take the bus to classes sometimes? im more concerned about the winter too lol
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A photo of freebird freebird
Congrats! That's awesome.

2) I'm 99% sure yes.

3) A lot of people do take the bus, especially in winter. I prefer to walk because it's a nice start to the day, and often about the same length of time when you consider the wait at the bus stop. Plus sometimes the bus is so full it just drives by. For walking, it's under 15 minutes to NCB, and about 12 to nat sci. And that's about the furthest you'll need to go I'm guessing? So not bad at all, really.
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A photo of emilyej emilyej
thanks freebird!
okay so the walk doesnt sound bad at all. my first classes are in middlesex and natural science building so thats not too much of a walk at all. im used to a 20 minute walk to school so i cant complain about that. its a good way to get fresh air im sure
although i would probably lean towards the bus in the winter
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A photo of freebird freebird
You're welcome! Yeah, sometimes the slush in the winter is a bit of a deterrent, but as long as I've got my Sorels I'm good to go!
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