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Questions about renting an apartment near UTSG

A photo of Quilia Quilia
I just got accepted by UofT (New College) as a transfer student. However I didn't get an offer of residence.I don't have problems renting apt in general (since now I'm living off-campus with my boyfriend). It's just now I'm living abroad and I have no clue about the situation in Toronto. It'd be great if somebody can help me out with some of my questions!

1. Is it really hard to rent a bachelor apartment near St. George campus around the end of August (school starts at September)? cuz I can only arrive then due to visa problem. But if it really takes a long time to find a good apt i guess i may try to arrive earlier.

2. What's a legitimate price in general for a small, single-bedroom, furnished apartment near that area? (Or this situation doesn't exist and im absolutely dreaming?)

3. Compared to living in dorms, is it worth it to rent an apt? especially price-wise.

From my experience, renting an apt is extremely hard for couples, since it's rly awkward for other roommates if they share an apt together. So right now I really don't know what to do. Any suggestion would be great! Thanks a lot in advance!
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A photo of iliketurtles iliketurtles
If you're willing to move slightly farther out of downtown into North York, your costs would reduce a lot. UTSG is right on the subway line, so commuting isn't as bad as it seems if you live on or near a subway line.
Have you tried that? I just randomly found it yesterday somehow (I seriously have 0 idea, it was juts open in one of my tabs) and it seems relevant so :)
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A photo of ktel ktel
Since you're moving with your boyfriend, why do you even need a roommate? I live with my boyfriend off campus and we split the rent. We have a two bedroom near St Clair West station for $1250 a month including parking. Some smaller basement apartments and whatnot are definitely cheaper ($1000 or less). As for if you will be able to find something, I sure hope so, but I will say it took us a while to find this place. The rental market is very saturated. That being said, something will probably be available.
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