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Questions about rez [Carleton/Uoit]

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Alright just found out about this forum while looking for some answers around the net. Recently applied to uni and have some questions about living in rez.

Well early in grade 12 I thought that I would go to a uni that is close to my place [uft, york,ryerson] so I can commute there. But due to none of those unis having the program I really wanna take I had to apply to unis outside toronto where the closes one would take me about 2.5 hours to commute back and forth; which is a drag and wastes a lot of time. Also after thinking it through I do wanna live in rez as the first year experience is once in a life time opportunity. You can always start uni at any age but if you are like 30 years old and start uni you won't experience the same uni life you would at 18-20. So yea anyway I am really interested in living in rez now and since most of the unis I applied to are far from where I live chances are that I will be living in rez. But since I never thought about living in rez until couple days ago; I am very curious to know many things. So hopefully some of u guys help me out of this one.

1. Are students assigned to rez based on the programs/departments they apply for or is it just random where anyone can be in the same rez.

2. Can you pick a rez building or is it randomly assigned.

3. If you get a 2 bedroom suite style room can you choose your roommate? Because me and one of my friends have applied to the same unis(different programs) and it will be convenient for both of us as we know each other from middle school.

4. I have heard people saying that they do not allow you to take any alcohol beverages to rez. But does it apply to you if you are above legal drinking age?

5. How is the social scene at Uoit/Carleton? Are there fair amount parties in the rez? By that I don't mean that parties everyday but at least every weekend nd fridays. I have heard bad things about Uoit; but Carleton I am not too sure about.

and a lcbo store near any of those unis = first year uni life would be golden :P
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