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Questions about Schulich supplementary form

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1. Can I drop off the supplementary forms during the weekend?
2. Since the Waiver (Part 5) is still aprt of the instructions, should I just print out the instruction page that contains the Waiver, or should I copy and paste that part on to a new document?
3. For the essays, should I first state the questions, such as "Question A: Tell us three reasons why you wish to study in the BBA or iBBA program at the Schulich School of Business" and then write the essay?
4. If I want to include the word count of the essay, should I put it in brackets right at the end of the essay? Or is there another place to put it?

Sorry for so many questions. But can someone maybe edit the activity log for me? I got my English teacher to edit the essays, but then right now it's exams time, and the new semester won't start until February 5, but then by that time it's too late to get a teacher to read it... Could someone maybe edit it for me? (But I know that everyone's busy...)

Also, how many activities should be included in the activity log? What's a reasonable number?

Thank you.
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