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Questions about universities and acceptance?

A photo of Desi201 Desi201
Since for ontario universities, they look at your top 6 U/M courses, how is is that people get accepted before 2nd semester even starts? Don't they look at your 2nd semester mid-term marks as well? What if you only have say, 1 required course for a program this semester and the other 4 are next semester? Will the university wait until the mid-term 2nd semester to offer an admission?
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A photo of kaileykittykat kaileykittykat
From what I understand (as someone who has gotten an early acceptance offer), early acceptance is soley based off your grade eleven marks, so long at your top five or top six (depending on the school) exceeds the min. grade tweleve marks need for that program.
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A photo of Joshki Joshki
I already had 3 grade 12 courses as I took them last year, and this semester I have 3 more which makes 6 in total ;)
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