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Questions about UOFTSG Comp Sci

A photo of premachb premachb
Hey guys,

I'm looking at getting into UOFT Comp Sci, i'm still waiting for acceptance, but I think i have a really good chance of getting in.

Anyways, I was just wondering what course you are taking first year and the difficulty of them. Is first year Comp Sci really hard or just on par?

Also, i heard you have to take a writing course (-_-). Is this true? Also I was wondering if getting into the specializations is hard. I was looking at the Software Engineering specialization or the Economics specialization, still deciding.
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A photo of arviny arviny
I think you'll find what you're locking for here, http://www.artsandscience.utoronto.ca/ofr/calendar/prg_csc.htm
You can search the courses up on Google and try to find previous exams and what not to see the level of difficulty.
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